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在一個實現重大里程碑 2018 由大麻法改革運動是聯邦 大麻合法化. 你對大麻合法化無論是什麼位置, 從未有過大麻是非法的任何真正原因, 其他比它看起來像大麻. 每一個“缺點”的人誰支持大麻禁令將在詆毀大麻並不適用於麻命名. 它不會讓你高,所以沒有理由去琢磨吧. 你不會吸煙麻去吸煙越多非法纖維, 像棉或聚酯.


So the fact that industrial hemp was illegal to grow in the United States for several decades is something historians will have a hard time explaining to future generations other than the “it looks like marijuana so we imported it from other countries to make clothes, paper, food, etc.” line.

Even though the historical wrong of hemp prohibition has been righted – at least for the most part – some states still lag behind when it comes to updating their hemp laws. But now, an industry that has been held down for so many years can finally be unleashed.

“The federal legalization of hemp at the end of 2018 was a succession step in response to the Sec. 7606, known as the ‘Legitimacy of Industrial Hemp Research Act’ of the 2014 Farm Bill,” The Executive Director of the Hemp Industries Association, Colleen Keahey Lanier, told 大麻時報. “This progress came after a decade of work led by the organization Vote Hemp starting with the first iteration of the ‘Industrial Hemp Farming Act’ introduced by former U.S. Representative Ron Paul (R-TX) in 2005.”

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While things were moving on the federal level, activists and lawmakers in some states did what they could to force progress as well. “Since 2014, I would say, Colorado, Kentucky, and Oregon led the state leadership necessary to build the spear leading to the break-through for hemp,” Colleen told us. “Currently, 美國. Hemp Roundtable (USHRT), which launched in Lexington, Kentucky in 2017, is the country’s leading advocacy organization representing hemp farmers and stakeholders. The Hemp Industries Association joined as a non-profit member in 2017, and today serves on the Board of Directors. The USHRT has been actively engaged in Washington, DC and has been coordinating with principal Congressional offices, including Senate Majority Leader, Senator Mitch McConnell, to see this significant victory of hemp to success.”

Now the growth the hemp industry has seen in the last few years is poised to accelerate even further, although more work needs to be done. Since “the federal government will no longer take the position that hemp farming is under the purview of the Department of Justice and the Drug Enforcement Administration”, regulatory responsibility shifts to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. “The USDA is tasked with recommending regulations for state hemp programs and also recognizing that hemp is an agricultural commodity,” Colleen said. “However, it’s critical that people note that the 2018 農業法案沒有新的法律規定各州更換有關受控物質的任何現有國家法律, 麻耕作或大麻衍生物大麻素產品. 儘管缺乏全面的國家通過國家法律,不知道何時,美國農業部將公佈其官方國家監管計劃, 已經有大麻產品的巨大需求全國性的“。

這不是經常,一個新的行業 - 尤其是與已經建立的客戶群 - 在市場上出現. 這是大麻的世界新的一天,許多準備好了在一個行業即將爆炸開始.


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