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MİA Siyatik Pain rahatlatmak Can?

MİA Siyatik Pain rahatlatmak Can

Bu sayfa MİA için Tıbbi Araştırma ve keşfedilen veya teorik sağlık etkileri ve bu oluşturabilecek olası tıbbi faydaları adanmıştır. Biz tıbbi bilim adamı değildir, biz tıbbi araştırma grupları ileri çalışmamızı koymak niyetiyle kendi pahasına olursa olsun bu çalışmayı gerçekleştirdik.

Çok pozitif ama negatif değil sadece durulacak. Daha önce yapılan testin çeşitli kümesinden ve araştırmadan sonra sağlık etkileri kapsayacak.

Bizim testler için insan denekleri kullanılan, Bizim adayları bunları ne şekilde etkilediği hakkında bilgi karşılığında ürünlerimizin ücretsiz deneme kabul etti ve ya onlara yardım. Biz kategorize tıbbi durumun kanıtlanmış bir tıbbi geçmişi vardı insan grupları için bu ücretsiz ürün deneme sundu, tüm ürünler sıfır THC ihtiva. Sonuçlar netti.

Yasal statment:

İngiliz yasalarına göre, CBD sadece ilaç gıda takviyesi olarak verilir ve edilebilir. Hatta bu denemede biz SADECE kullanıcıların deneyimlerinden geribildirim dayalı tıbbi özelliklerini keşfetmek niyetiyle bir gıda takviyesi olarak CBD kaynağı. Biz ilaç olarak bu MİA deneme vermeyin, ya da değiştirilmesi ilâcın bir seçenek olarak, biz sadece bir gıda takviyesi olarak teklif.

Biz CBD tıbbi faydaları araştırma, tıbbi araştırma dolayısıyla eleman, Bu bir tıbbi amaçla altında tedarik anlamına gelmez. Bu deneme ile ana hedeflerinden biri göstermek için gerçek hayat örnekleriyle potansiyel tıbbi özellikleri ilgi çeken tıbbi MİA özelliklerini ve CBD yardımcı olmak amacıyla özelliklerinin etkinliğini araştıran bize yardım etmektir.

Biz MİA Herhangi bir tıbbi ilgili durum için etkilidir hiçbir iddiada, biz soru sormak yok ancak o tamamen bilgi toplama için MİA ürünlerinin ücretsiz deneme karşılığında doğada tıbbi olabilir. Hiçbir noktada, herhangi doktora sağlayabilir.

Bu deneme tamamen bilgi toplama olduğu, değil danışmanlık veya tıbbi olarak danışma. Böyle MHRA gibi çeşitli kaynaklar yoluyla duyurulmaktadır gibi biz bu yargılama içinde yasanın sınırlarını korumuştur. Bizim bilgimize göre biz mevzuat veya kanun hiçbir ihlal vardır.

MİA Siyatik Pain rahatlatmak Can?

First things first, we must remind the reader that under British and EU law we cannot make any medical claims regarding the effectiveness of CBD as the product is a food supplement however, we have done research and produced the results for you to summaries the potential benefits your self.

We conducted a study on 50 people who were able to show that they had a genuine medical sciatic condition. We were able to verify the Sciatic condition by looking at CT and X-ray data, along with information provided.

Sciatica is a condition resulting from an issue in the spine, commonly the lower back, around the L5 S1 Region is the most common. There are a few different forms of Sciatica, the most common are bulged disks, trapped nerve and prolapse of the disk.

Based on what we already know about the medical side of Sciatica, it is no wonder that people suffer greatly with Sciatic Pain, the main stream medications people are issued are the typical Pain killers such as paracetamol and Ibuprofen, however these normally fail to offer any kind of Sciatic Pain Relief.

Those who have been medically certified of the Sciatic condition may be given Gabapentin, Pregabalin, Naproxen or Codeine for the condition. Codeine is a opiate and is genuinely ineffective for nerve based conditions, we still do not understand why doctors issue such a medicine for this condition. Gabapentin and Naproxen combined typically offer a short term pain relief in most patients, however they only last for a few hours at best with nasty side effects.

Some patients are offered surgery and or spinal steroid injections, however the statistic results in reality are not that great. Some are offered as a last resort a spinal nerve stimulator, but many patients complain of electrical shocks which ultimately make the condition worse.

These comments are based on what customers say to us, and most importantly genuine third party government medical statistics.

Many Sciatic Pain victims find them selfs in a situation in the doctors office being advised that there is nothing more they can offer them, and they will just have to live with it. This personally happened to me. All the above happened to me minus the nerve stimulator (I denied it in favour to CBD).

Personally CBD helped with my Sciatic Pain, to a point of complete removal of pain all together. I had a bulging disk on the L5S1, For years I suffered and eventually the pain was that bad that the doctors had to do something to increase the quality of my life, I was bed ridden and in to much pain to work, move or play with the kids.

I had an operation, at one of UK’s best spinal units, they simply shaved the disk compressing onto the nerve. The operation its self was successful however, the NHS failed to provide physiotherapy (still to this day not a mention of physiotherapy, despite asking). Due to this 6 weeks after the spinal operation scar tissue built around the nerve, permanently compressing it, causing more pain than before the operation, and left me permanently bed ridden, in severe pain.

CBD was recommended at this point, within 48 hours I was up and going again, not been bed ridden since. There is a real scientific reason behind this, all this will be explained.


Our research team decided to look into how CBD could be effective for Sciatic Pain victims.

The results were astonishing and very clear. To summaries, all candidates received some level of pain relief for Sciatic Pain. Although CBD is a food supplement and we cant under law make any medical claims, the results are pretty clear. We will explain how CBD helped and how our candidates had consumed CBD for its potential medical properties.

Our candidates used either the Oil or the capsules. The candidates were under very strict instructions to stick with specifically set out dosages.

The main goal of this research was to see how much CBD would need to be used to potentially offer pain relief for sciatic nerve pain.

Group 1- We asked 25 candidates to take 100mg a day for three days, then reduce to 60mg a day for 10 days, then switch down to as little as 20mg a day for the remaining of the three month trial.

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Group 2- We asked 25 candidates to take 200mg for two days, then reduce to 100mg for 10 days, then switch down to 20mg a day for the remaining of the 3 month trial.

Administration Instructions- For best results hold the oil under the tongue for as long as possible, at least 1 minute before swallowing. This is a very important step as it allows the main arteries to absorb the CBD before the body filters it out. When using capsules allow the capsuel to melt under the tongue.

Some of our candidates did not like the taste of the oil therefore they swallowed the capsule whole. This did slow down the absorption rate, therefore reducing the effectivity of the CBD within the system.

Both dosage amounts resulted in a significant reduction in pain. The main difference was the time scale for the CBD to take effect.

Group 1-The candidates that had taken 100mg over 3 days, started feeling pain relief within 96 saatler.

Group 2 -The candidates that had taken 200mg over 2 days, started feeling pain relief with 48 saatler.

Therefore the candidates that had taken 100mg for 3 days had slower results than those on a higher dose.

The candidates in group 1 reported that the pain reduced considerably however would still experience short spells of pain. The candidates in group 2 experienced a consistent reduction in pain. Both groups experienced the same level of pain relief once they had reached the 20mg a day mark.

The amount of CBD within one full pipette of our CBD Oil:

One pipette of the: 200mg bottle oil = approx 18mg of CBD,

One pipette of the: 400mg bottle Oil = Approx 36mg CBD,

One pipette of the: 600mg bottle Oil = Approx 55mg CBD

We recommend capsules to first time users as they are more precise with CBD measurements, best not to swallow, allow to dissolve under tough and hold as long as possible, some do not like the flavour, however the flavour is better than the pain.

Dosage guide for Sciatic Pain:

To summarise the dosage of CBD for Sciatic Pain: It is recommended to take 200mg for two days, then switch to 100mg every day for at least 4 days. The CBD user should be ok with as little as 20mg for the next 20 days and should be able to take 20mg every other day thereafter or on the onset of pain. In our opinion a person does not need to take CBD everyday for the rest of there life to get pain relief.

Why is CBD Effective for Sciatic Pain Relief:

We conducted studies and looked into it further to answer some questions on how it is so effective for sciatic pain.

CBD appeared to work in three separate ways which benefited Sciatic Pain, it wont cure it but it will benefit constant pain sufferers.

  1. CBD helped relax the muscles causing strain and tension around the compressed nerve.
  2. CBD helped encourage our own bodies CB1 and CB2 receptors to develop.
  3. CBD Reduced the inflammation around the nerve.

We noted that the inflammation was significantly reduced after starting the CBD treatment, this on its own offered significant pain relief to the candidates.

It has been known for years that most sciatic issues are a direct result of bad posture and, veya, long term muscle strain. Bad posture provides some muscles to over react and spasm, tense etc and some muscles to become lazy. This pulls the spine out of shape and commonly results in conditions that give the symptoms of Sciatic Pain. We noted that by relaxing the muscles allowed the nerve some relief. When the CBD relaxed the muscles, after a few days the pain reduced further. Long term the goal would be to relax the over stimulated muscles to allow the candidates to effectively work with a physiotherapist to retrain the body and mind to use the appropriate muscles rather than over overing a certain few. With the hope of naturally fixing rather than having to operate on the spine

Both the muscle relaxation and anti inflammatory properties provided unbelievable results for the reduction of pain for victims with sciatica.

Reading other medical research data we noted that CBD interacted with receptors in the body that are directly associated with our own bodies natural pain relief hormones. Due to this CBD could help to strengthen our immune systems. CBD helps develop CB1 and CB2 receports responsable for limiting long term pain, this was a government study and can be read here: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2219532/

We found that candidates received long term pain relief while using the CBD.

This research has brought us that bit closer to understanding the natural wonders of CBD.


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