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CBD Nasal Spray Safety Research

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CBD Nasal Spray Safety Research

This page is dedicated to the Medical Research for CBD and the discovered or theoretical health implications and probable medical benefits it may pose. We are not medical scientists, we have conducted this study at our own costs with the intention to put our study forward to the medical research groups.

It will focus not only on the positives but the negatives too. We will cover health impacts from a varied set of test done before and after the research.

We used human subjects for our tests, Our candidates accepted a free trial of our products in exchange for information on how it effected them and or helped them. We offered this free product trial to groups of people that had a proven medical history of the categorised medical condition, all products provided contained zero THC. The results were clear.

Legal Statment:

Under British law, CBD can only be supplied as a Food Supplement and not a medication. Even in this trial we ONLY supply CBD as a food supplement with the intention to explore its medical properties based on feedback from the users experience. We do not provide this CBD trial as a medication, or as an option of replacing medication, we only offer it as a food supplement.

We are researching CBD’s medical benefits, hence the element of medical research, this does not mean we supply it under a medical purpose. One of the main goals with this trial is to aid us in investigating the medical properties of CBD and its effectiveness of such properties to help CBD become recognised for its potential medical properties with real life examples to show.

We make no claims that CBD is effective for any medical related condition, however we do ask questions that may be medical in nature in exchange for the free trial of CBD products purely for information gathering. At no point, can we provide any medical advice.

This trial is purely information gathering, not advisory or medically advisory. We have maintained the boundary of law within this trial as it is announced via various sources such as MHRA. To the best of our knowledge we are in no breach of legislation or law.

We conducted studies on how CBD responded to the nasal cavity. The research concentrated on the safety of the CBD method. The results were pretty encouraging however, cbd nasal spray did display signs of warnings.

We made several CBD nasal spray formulas and tested each type. We made the following varieties:

  1. Water based CBD Nasal Spray
  2. Saline based nasal spray
  3. Oil Based Nasal Spray

Out of these formula’s we made several strengths of CBD Nasal Spray (all in 10ml containers)

  1. 60mg of CBD (0.6%)
  2. 120MG (1.2%)
  3. 240MG (2.4%)
  4. 400MG (4.0%)

TEST ONE: How does CBD perform in each of the 3 formulas made?

It became very clear early on in this test that CBD should not be diluted in water or saline (saline is a salt/water mix). The CBD simply splits from the water within hours and sticks to the sides of the container, this made the product unusable as the consumer would simply never get any dose of CBD, at best inconsistent doses of CBD.

We then tried the “water soluble CBD” which helped to disolve the CBD in a water base, but only for a few weeks. It provided an inconsistent dosage on each spray, we also noticed via chemical analysis tests that the water soluble form of CBD is simply CBD with an equal amount of emulsifier (polysorbate emulsifier), which is safely used in cosmetics (for the skin) but using this in the nasal passage was to questionable for its safety.

The water based and saline based formulas were discarded as they would neither be consistent or effective, in some cases questionably safe.

We then moved our concentration onto the Oil based CBD Nasal Spray Formula. It was clear that the CBD evenly distributed through the solution, providing consistent and highly predictable dosages per spray, we used a safe oil for the nasal cavity, a oil that has been used for hundreds of years safely.

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As the Oil formula was the perfect solution for a CBD nasal spray, we decided to move to the next stage of our tests with the oil formula.

TEST TWO: Did it have any side effects?

During basic test of the water and saline solution (basic test are were our lab technicians test the product, not the public, we don’t test untested products on the public), we noticed stinging sensations in the nasal cavity, some reported pains in the head/brain region. We do not deem water based or saline based cbd nasal sprays a safe or consistent form of CBD administration, and should be avoided at all costs. These items were removed from the research pretty early on.

This test was observed closely, we issued the oil formula to 100 candidates and asked 50 to use the product 3 times a day and the other 50 once a day.

We had discovered that the candidates using the nasal spray above 120mg (1.2%) formed tiny microscopic crystals in the nasal passage. This was concerning, after further research it became clear that this may cause damage to the nasal cavity similar to cocaine usage. It was also observed that these tiny crystals did not form in the 60mg (0.6%) or the 120mg (1.2%) solutions.

Due to this observation we made the choice to ask our candidates using the 240mg and 400mg solutions to discontinue use and replaced them with 120mg solutions. The research continued for 3 months.

It was also observed that the candidates that used the 240mg and 400mg solutions all reported that the benefits they received from the solution was just as effective as the 120mg solution. We looked into this further.

It turned out that anything above 1.2% (120mg) crystallised and was not absorbed by the blood vessels, therefore the CBD was being wasted.

After 3 months of use, it was shown that the Oil based CBD Nasal Spray in the 60mg and 120mg solutions caused no damage to the nasal cavity.

TEST THREE: How effective was the spray?

Our candidates reported that the effectiveness was as potent as vaping a 400mg (4%) CBD Vape, or taking a 60mg capsule a day. (based on the 3 sprays a day).

This result was amazing, as it effectively means that the end user can save lots of money by using the nasal spray as they will not need anywhere near as much CBD for it to be effective. We looked into this further.

When CBD is inserted into the nasal cavity it is fully absorbed into the blood stream that rapidly moves to the users brain, distributing all over the body.

When CBD is vaped we noted that a large quantity of CBD was blown out with the vapour when the user exhaled.

With the Capsules we noticed that if the user swallowed the capsule the stomach acids and the liver removed most of the CBD from the body.

Based on this it is clear why the CBD Nasal Spray was an effective form of consuming CBD.


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