- सीबीडी तेल

हमारी मांसपेशियों पर सीबीडी का प्रभाव

हमारी मांसपेशियों पर सीबीडी का प्रभाव

यह पृष्ठ सीबीडी के लिए चिकित्सा अनुसंधान और खोज की या सैद्धांतिक स्वास्थ्य निहितार्थ और संभावित चिकित्सीय लाभ यह पैदा हो सकता है के लिए समर्पित है. हम चिकित्सा वैज्ञानिकों नहीं हैं, हम अपने अध्ययन चिकित्सा अनुसंधान समूहों के लिए आगे डाल करने के लिए इरादे से हमारे अपने भी कीमत पर इस अध्ययन का आयोजन किया है.

यह सकारात्मक लेकिन नकारात्मक पर न केवल बहुत ध्यान दिया जाएगा. हम परीक्षण के एक विविध सेट से पहले किया से और अनुसंधान के बाद स्वास्थ्य को प्रभावित करता कवर किया जाएगा.

We used human subjects for our tests, Our candidates accepted a free trial of our products in exchange for information on how it effected them and or helped them. We offered this free product trial to groups of people that had a proven medical history of the categorised medical condition, all products provided contained zero THC. The results were clear.

Legal Statment:

Under British law, CBD can only be supplied as a Food Supplement and not a medication. Even in this trial we ONLY supply CBD as a food supplement with the intention to explore its medical properties based on feedback from the users experience. We do not provide this CBD trial as a medication, or as an option of replacing medication, we only offer it as a food supplement.

We are researching CBD’s medical benefits, hence the element of medical research, this does not mean we supply it under a medical purpose. One of the main goals with this trial is to aid us in investigating the medical properties of CBD and its effectiveness of such properties to help CBD become recognised for its potential medical properties with real life examples to show.

We make no claims that CBD is effective for any medical related condition, however we do ask questions that may be medical in nature in exchange for the free trial of CBD products purely for information gathering. At no point, can we provide any medical advice.

This trial is purely information gathering, not advisory or medically advisory. We have maintained the boundary of law within this trial as it is announced via various sources such as MHRA. To the best of our knowledge we are in no breach of legislation or law.

यहां क्लिक करें सीबीडी तेल का प्रयास करने के लिए

सीबीडी & Muscles:

We had noted that CBD had a influence on our muscles helping them to relax and ease off. We are not clear as to how CBD has this effect on the muscles and warrants us to look into it in depth.

As the CBD had a relaxing effect on the muscles it allowed the muscles to stop spasms, meaning that those that suffer from muscle cramps, muscle spams and pain-full muscles may be able to gain benefits from consuming CBD.

It was also noted that those who suffer from sciatica originally produced this illness due to muscle related issues in the back, CBD helped to reduce the over active muscles and take the pressure of the bulging disks, offering relief in pain.

CBD for Muscle Building:

there has been humungous progress in the use of Cannabinoids to aid muscle building and athletic performance. Body builders, sports people, athletes and even ordinary people looking to gain some lean muscle can today make use of Cannabinoid supplements to improve their results.

So how do Cannabinoid supplements help to built muscle? CBD drastically reduces cortisol levels in the body. Cortisol is basically the hormone produced by the body to manage stress. Cortisol, sometimes referred to as the stress hormone, is responsible for the hindering of muscle growth in the body.


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