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CBD est le nouvel antibiotique?

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la recherche médicale est le nouvel antibiotique cdb

CBD est le nouvel antibiotique?

Au cours de nos études de la CDB à explorer la possibilité pour des raisons médicales, nous sommes tombés sur une découverte qui tient beaucoup de promesses et mérite d'être étudié.

Nous avons constaté que dans un grand nombre de nos candidats que CBD REDUIT INFECTIONS BACTÉRIENNES. Ce ne fut pas une étude que nous menions cependant, il a été noté dans toutes les études que nous avions prises. Nous ne remarqué une fois que nous avons examiné toutes les données ensemble et tout à fait par hasard remarqué une réponse cohérente de nos candidats liés aux problèmes bactériens.

We had noted that some of our candidates were suffering from chronic bacterial infections. This includes the following:

  1. Chest Infections
  2. Tooth Abscess (Dental Abscess)
  3. Gum Disease (Gingivitis)

The three listed above were the most common, it is worth noting that candidates did report other bacterial related issues too.


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During our trial we had been noted that candidates had reported significant reduction in symptoms for these bacterial infections. Many of our candidates at the time for example were suffering with a tooth abscess, a pocket of bacteria and puss either in the tooth root or behind the tooth root, causing very bad pain, typically the best method of relief is to have the bacteria removed and cleaned by use of root cannel at a dentist.

Those who were taking CBD had noticed that the pain and swelling of there tooth had significantly reduced to a point of which they could continue normally as if they never had a tooth issue to begin with. They still needed to see a dentist to fix the underlining issue causing the infection, however CBD did appear to offer relief and reduce the amount of bacteria grown.

We plan to launch a full investigation in the very near future regarding the potential antibiotic properties of CBD, our test will be conducted using real life subjects and lab grown colonies of bacteria.

la recherche médicale est le nouvel antibiotique cdb

There has already been Government approved studies done regarding CBD and its ability to be useful for those who are immune to mainstream antibiotics, the results are pretty promising.


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