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大麻是安全的, 但是,這不是它為什麼應該是合法的

大麻是安全的,但是,這就是 - 不為什麼,它-應該待的法律

“大麻不能殺了你”是大麻社會上流行的副歌, 原因很明顯. 不同於幾乎地球上所有其他物質, 你都不能消耗足夠的大麻過量而死.

當然, 其他任何事情一樣, 吸食大麻可以啟動一連串的事件導致你死亡. 例如, 如果你正在做一個民建聯 3RD 樓的陽台上,你採取過大的一個打擊,並獲得頭暈和脫落陽台, 你可能會死. 你可以噎死一個非常干鍋布朗尼. 生命是奇怪,奇怪的事情發生的時間.

Then there are the avoidable deaths that can come from marijuana use, like the cases of patients who have been denied organ transplants because of their choice of medical marijuana. An uncountable number of people have been given less of a chance at life because they chose a safer alternative to dangerous and addictive prescription drugs.

The legalization of marijuana would solve some of these problems, others it would not. You still might need some milk for that brownie, regardless of its legality. And the fact that substances that are much more dangerous than marijuana and kill tens of thousands of people every year can be bought on most store shelves is a ridiculous set of circumstances, but even the proven safety of marijuana is not the main reason it should be legal.

Cannabis should be legal because the people who possess, consume, grow and sell it are not infringing on the rights of anyone else. Now, here is where many will begin talking about societal implications of marijuana use and claim someone else will be paying for the decision later, so rights are being infringed, etc.


The problem with that line of logic is that it can be applied to just about anything. Someone deciding to eat 10 Big Macs a month could very well be making a decision other people will end up paying for down the road. The federal government could ban Big Macs, and all other unhealthy foods, but who decides what is unhealthy and how that would be enforced? Are we going to prohibit all foods with a certain fat content or a certain number of calories? And all because some people will abuse the privilege of being able to eat as many Big Macs as they want?

As I’ve said before, if you don’t want to pay for the mistakes of others, take it up with the lawmakers who force you to. The alternative is banning every single thing that could cause harm to anyone.

Is that a world you would want to live in?

大麻是安全的, 但是,這不是它為什麼應該是合法的

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