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Want Free CBD? Get Free CBD in the name of Research

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Want Free CBD? Get Free CBD in the name of Research

This page is dedicated to the Medical Research for CBD and the discovered or theoretical health implications and probable medical benefits it may pose. We are not medical scientists, we have conducted this study at our own costs with the intention to put our study forward to the medical research groups.

It will focus not only on the positives but the negatives too. We will cover health impacts from a varied set of test done before and after the research.

We used human subjects for our tests, Our candidates accepted a free trial of our products in exchange for information on how it effected them and or helped them. We offered this free product trial to groups of people that had a proven medical history of the categorised medical condition, all products provided contained zero THC. The results were clear.

Legal Statment:

Under British law, CBD can only be supplied as a Food Supplement and not a medication. Even in this trial we ONLY supply CBD as a food supplement with the intention to explore its medical properties based on feedback from the users experience. We do not provide this CBD trial as a medication, or as an option of replacing medication, we only offer it as a food supplement.

We are researching CBD’s medical benefits, hence the element of medical research, this does not mean we supply it under a medical purpose. One of the main goals with this trial is to aid us in investigating the medical properties of CBD and its effectiveness of such properties to help CBD become recognised for its potential medical properties with real life examples to show.

We make no claims that CBD is effective for any medical related condition, however we do ask questions that may be medical in nature in exchange for the free trial of CBD products purely for information gathering. At no point, can we provide any medical advice.

This trial is purely information gathering, not advisory or medically advisory. We have maintained the boundary of law within this trial as it is announced via various sources such as MHRA. To the best of our knowledge we are in no breach of legislation or law.


Want Free CBD? Get Free CBD in the name of Research

If you currently suffer from a genuine medical condition we could give you free CBD in the name of research.

To be eligible for the free CBD you must fit into our criteria, as you can appreciate, CBD is very expensive, even for producers and manufactures like us, therefore we only have  a few hundred available vacancies for research.

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Our criteria is pretty basic, you must be willing to provide or be able to say yes to the following conditions:

  1. Have you been diagnosed with a genuine medical condition such as chronic pain, cancer, epilepsy, eczema etc?.
  2. Have you been seen by a proper medical team specifically for your condition?.
  3. Would you be willing to obtain a copy of your medical records for the condition and provide a copy to us if we need to compare before and after CBD use?.

We do have conditions to aid our research, you must be willing to accept:

  1. You will be required to follow usage instructions as provided and explained before the research begins.
  2. You must be willing to answer questions in relation to your condition and the effectiveness (if any) that CBD has.
  3. You must be willing to communicate with our research team.
  4. You must be willing to consult your doctor (GP) and inform them that you are taking CBD.
  5. You must visit your doctor for regular checkups.
  6. You must be willing to sign any terms and conditions that we will mail to you.
  7. You must only sign terms and conditions once fully read and understood.
  8. You must provide honest and accurate detailed information as you find it during the research period.

Are these actual clinical trials?

In short no, We are not medical Scientists or doctors. Another way of looking at it is: we offer a free trial of our products in exchange of your opinion on how effective it was for your condition along with your permission to use the data to aid the legal side of CBD. The aim is to ultimately reduce it price and availability and to have CBD recognised for its medical benefits legally, also to obtain precise dosage information to aid in advising CBD users on how to correctly use the product for its effectiveness.

Please fill out the form to get started:

Claim your free CBD today, we will be in contact with our next available research trial. Upon successful application for free CBD, we will send you CBD products for free. All we ask from you is your honest experience with the free CBD product provided.

We will not ask for any postal charges or any payment obligation from yourself. When we say free, we mean 100% free with no charges or hidden costs. Products are only free for the duration length of the research program your enrolled into, typical duration of 3 months for most research programs.

Products available:

Free CBD Cream | Free CBD Oil | Free CBD Eliquids | Free CBD Capsules | Free CBD Nasal Spray


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