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想免費CBD? 獲得免費的CBD在研究的名字

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想免費CBD? 獲得免費的CBD在研究的名字

此頁面是專門為醫學研究為CBD和發現或理論對健康的影響,並可能造成可能的醫療福利. 我們不是醫學家, 我們進行這項研究,在我們自己的意圖成本把我們的研究向前醫藥研究組.

這將不僅著眼於陽性,但底片太. 我們將涵蓋各種不同的組測試完成之前和研究後對健康的影響.

我們用人類的科目為我們的測試, 我們的候選人接受了我們產品的免費試用版,以換取信息,它如何影響他們,或幫助他們. 我們提供了這個免費的產品試用的人群是有分類的醫療狀況的一個行之有效的病史, 提供的所有產品包含零THC. 結果很明顯.


根據英國法律, CBD只能作為食品補充劑提供,而不是藥物. 即使在這個試驗中,我們只供應CBD作為食品補充劑的意圖基於從用戶體驗反饋,探討其藥性. 我們不提供這個CBD審判藥物, 或者作為替代藥物的一個選項, 我們只提供它作為食品補充劑.

我們正在研究CBD的醫療福利, 醫學研究因此元素, 這並不意味著我們在醫療目的是提供. 一個與​​此試驗的主要目標是幫助我們在調查CBD的醫療性質和它的這種特性,幫助CBD的有效性與現實生活中的例子來說明其潛在的醫療特性成為公認.

我們不作任何聲稱CBD是有效的任何醫療相關條件, 然而,我們問問題,可能是自然界中的醫療換取CBD的產品純粹是為了收集信息的免費試用. 在任何時候, 我們可以提供任何醫療諮詢.

該試驗是純粹的信息收集, 沒有諮詢或醫療諮詢. 我們一直保持這個審判中法律的邊界,因為它是通過各種渠道如MHRA公佈. 據我們所知,我們是在沒有違反法律或法律.


想免費CBD? 獲得免費的CBD在研究的名字

If you currently suffer from a genuine medical condition we could give you free CBD in the name of research.

To be eligible for the free CBD you must fit into our criteria, as you can appreciate, CBD is very expensive, even for producers and manufactures like us, therefore we only have a few hundred available vacancies for research.

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Our criteria is pretty basic, you must be willing to provide or be able to say yes to the following conditions:

  1. Have you been diagnosed with a genuine medical condition such as chronic pain, cancer, 癲癇, eczema etc?.
  2. Have you been seen by a proper medical team specifically for your condition?.
  3. Would you be willing to obtain a copy of your medical records for the condition and provide a copy to us if we need to compare before and after CBD use?.

We do have conditions to aid our research, you must be willing to accept:

  1. You will be required to follow usage instructions as provided and explained before the research begins.
  2. You must be willing to answer questions in relation to your condition and the effectiveness (if any) that CBD has.
  3. You must be willing to communicate with our research team.
  4. You must be willing to consult your doctor (GP) and inform them that you are taking CBD.
  5. You must visit your doctor for regular checkups.
  6. You must be willing to sign any terms and conditions that we will mail to you.
  7. You must only sign terms and conditions once fully read and understood.
  8. You must provide honest and accurate detailed information as you find it during the research period.

Are these actual clinical trials?

In short no, We are not medical Scientists or doctors. Another way of looking at it is: we offer a free trial of our products in exchange of your opinion on how effective it was for your condition along with your permission to use the data to aid the legal side of CBD. The aim is to ultimately reduce it price and availability and to have CBD recognised for its medical benefits legally, also to obtain precise dosage information to aid in advising CBD users on how to correctly use the product for its effectiveness.

Please fill out the form to get started:

Claim your free CBD today, we will be in contact with our next available research trial. Upon successful application for free CBD, we will send you CBD products for free. All we ask from you is your honest experience with the free CBD product provided.

We will not ask for any postal charges or any payment obligation from yourself. When we say free, we mean 100% free with no charges or hidden costs. Products are only free for the duration length of the research program your enrolled into, typical duration of 3 months for most research programs.

Products available:

Free CBD Cream | 免費CBD油 | Free CBD Eliquids | Free CBD Capsules | Free CBD Nasal Spray


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